A map of our community partners.

A map of our community partners.

Frequently, when the Center for Community Partnerships, Office of Community Service, or Patricelli Center staff are engaged in their work, a community partner will say “So I had this idea…” or “We could really use support with ____, do you know anyone who can help?

As much as possible, we work to connect these partners with resources, professors, and student groups on campus who fit their need. Sometimes, it’s as simple as posting a Cardinal Internship through the Career Center or sharing a Volunteer Opportunity through the Office of Community Service. But sometimes, we find really exciting and interesting opportunities and don’t know quite the right person to grab the idea and run with it. Could it be a Service-Learning class? An independent study project? A paper, senior essay, or thesis topic? A profitable student-run social enterprise? Or something else?

This page is a collection of those burst of genius ideas, waiting for the right person to come along. We are giving them to the Wesleyan community and trusting that they will find an ideal home. If any of these ideas jump out to you, email engage@wesleyan.edu and we will connect you to the community partner. 

1) Exemplars is a living library of what is hopeful, fascinating, and ultimately sustainable. The point and purpose of Exemplars is to put in the hands of social investors, activists, students, citizens and communities the tools to build an alternative to exploitation and dystopia. They are seeking help for two projects:

  1. access to lists of academic programs focused on sustainability, social entrepreneurship, community, etc.: graduate, undergraduate, even high school. These groups have been identified as prime audiences (combination of need/interest and accessibility) to make use of the library. A relatively brief research project.
  2. a slew of obvious qualifiers as Exemplars which need to be composed and added to the library. This should be a fun project, with lots of learning and creativity, probably ideal as a semester internship. (posted on 10/2016)

2) The Jonah Center for Earth and Art wants to know if we as a society are currently making progress on protecting the environment. Specifically, is progress being made at the level of the consumer, in terms of household consumption practices, transportation choices, waste management and recycling, volunteer activity, and support of local and statewide education, conservation, and advocacy organizations? If so, what motivational factors seem to be behind this progress? If not, what practical, psychological, or attitudinal barriers seem to be in the way of such progress? (posted on 11/2016)

3) New Horizons Domestic Violence Services is a 24 hour operational non-profit organization that provides services to victims of domestic abuse of Middlesex County. They are looking for interns and volunteers, who are an essential part of New Horizons’ services. One intern is selected for the fall semester and one intern is selected for the spring semester. Interns and volunteers can assist with: shelter needs, child care, fundraising, events, community outreach, counseling, research, and newsletters. Interns wishing to provide direct service in shelter must complete a four-day training after passing a background check to become a certified Domestic Violence Counselor. (posted on 1/2017)
— Fall semester internship- July 1
— Spring semester internship- December 1
— Summer semester internship- March 1  

If you are a community partner and have an opportunity you would like featured on this page, please fill out this form