Invisible Men Presents: BluePrint Roundtable

Saturday, April 13th, 1-4PM, CFA Hall.

BluePrint Roundtable is a community conversation moderated by acclaimed actor Delroy Lindo, star of Romeo Must Die and Malcom X. When filming Question Bridge, the creators of the project encountered a compelling question and answer exchange between a younger participant and an older Civil Rights Activist. The Question: “Why didn’t you leave us a blueprint?” sparked an attempt for multi-generational roundtable discussions.

Hence, Blueprint Roundtable was born. The Invisible Men BluePrint Roundtable invites established and emerging black and Latino male leaders in the local community to discuss the question of a “blueprint” in an attempt to dismantle boundaries between black and Latino males across generations. The program aims to identify communication barriers and facilitate the transfer of information between men; and to isolate local issues that require leadership from the next generation, uncover lessons learned, and highlight principles that can be passed from one generation to the next.