Civic Engagement and Pre-Registration

With just one week left of planning for pre-registration, ENGAGE wants to remind you of how you can combine civic engagement and your education.

The first place to look for civic engagement related courses is in the handy category labelled “Civic Engagement Certificate.” We will be posting more soon about this co-curricular certificate program, but this is also a great way to isolate some courses that place and emphasis on civic engagement. Courses in this section include:

Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM):
BIOL223: Integration of Clinical Experience and Life Science Learning
BIOL318: Nature and Nurture: The Interplay of Genes and Environment

Arts and Humanities (HA)
ARST436: Architecture II

Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS)
ECON213: Economics of Wealth and Poverty
GOVT151: American Government and Politics
GOVT159: The Moral Basis of Politics
GOVT355: Political Theory and Transitional Justice
HIST234: The Middle East in the 20th Century
HIST267: Out of the Shtetl: Jews in Eastern Europe
PSYC220: Cognitive Psychology
PSYC251: Psychopathology
PSYC329: Neural Costs of War
RELI221: Islam and Muslim Cultures
SOC260: Media and Society II
SOC302: Paternalism and Social Power

However, there are also courses that do not count for the Civic Engagement Certificate that are still interested in issues of civic engagement. Some of these courses include:

Social and Behavioral Sciences
ANTH227: Kill Assessment: An Anthropology of Violence
SOC210: Political Sociology

Arts and Humanities
MUSC463: Teaching Music Lessons to Children in Local Schools
ENVS 377: Perspectives on Dance as Culture: Dancing Bodies, Cultures, and Environments
*NEW*WRCT268: Topics in Journalism: Writing (and Arguing) About Inequality: How to Make Your Case

This list is by no means exhaustive, and we will be adding courses as they come to our notice, so check back for more!


Jelisa Adair

I am the Civic Engagement Fellow for 2013-2014. While a student at Wesleyan I double majored in Psychology and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and completed a joint thesis during my senior year. I am interested in issues of social justice, mental health, media, and global welfare.